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Home Painting: Choosing Summer Paint Colors

Summer is a time of outdoor barbecues, long hot nights, and spending time with the family. It’s also a great time for a new paint job for your home! If you’re considering fixing up your home with a new look, you may want to think about hiring a professional painting contractor. Ahwatukee is a great […]

4 Evergreen Home Exterior Colors to Consider

 “Never judge a book by its cover.” We’ve all heard this inspirational phrase countless times. It encourages us to look beyond the exterior of something or someone, and search within for hidden beauty. Although this can be true for historical or period homes, as a rule, homeowners know that the exterior of their house defines […]

Choose the Right Paint Colors for Your Home Exterior

If you live in an older neighborhood, or a neighborhood where exterior home design is not regulated or overseen by a homeowner’s association, you may be interested in painting the exterior of your home. Perhaps the paint color is outdated or maybe you just need a change. Whatever the reason, finding the right paint color […]

What to Ask before Hiring an Exterior House Painting Company

Painting your house does more than provide the best value if you’re looking to sell. It also protects your home and can be a long-term investment if you’re planning to stay. Paint is your home’s first line of defense against harmful UV rays, rain, and other weather-related problems. At Life in Color Painting in Gilbert, […]

The Most Popular Colors to Paint Your Living Room

Color can make or break a living room. Get a color that clashes with the décor and it looks odd. Colors that are too light or too dark can set a mood that you don’t want. When colors that clash are chosen, it can create an environment that actually has a negative impact on the […]

Know the Importance of Exterior Surface Prep before Painting

When you decide to tackle painting the exterior of your home in Mesa, it’s easy to just focus on the end result: a fresh, beautiful look that will boost your house’s appeal. But that outcome doesn’t happen without proper preparation. And while the pre-work can be time-consuming and tiring, the importance of undertaking the required […]

3 Color Combination Ideas for Your Home Paint Project

Finding the right color combinations for your home is about more than finding complementary pairings or colors that simply look nice together. It’s about creating a tone that’s inviting, impressive, and sophisticated all at once. At the same time, color affords you a fine opportunity to showcase your personality and sense of style. House painters […]

Why You Should Go for Neutral Paint Colors in Summers?

Homeowners often are torn when it comes to the color scheme of the walls in their homes. Some people like keep their walls painted the same color they were when they bought the house, at least for a while. It’s not uncommon for new homeowners to jump on repainting the walls and immediately make their […]

Paint Colors That Will Boost Your Mood

The paint color in your home can say a lot about you, so why have it just beige or gray? These colors can be beautiful, of course, but over time, they can wear on you and appear drab and dingy. Boost your life and your house with some vibrant use of color. Here are some […]

Best Paint Colors for Your Baby Girl’s Room

Rosy Pink Pink is the classic, go-to color for little girl’s rooms. Pretty, sweet, and feminine, pink can also be calming and relaxing. Too much pink, however, can not only be cloying, but can cause anxiety and agitation. Balance pink with white for a room that’s perfect for your little princess without being over-the-top. A […]