3 Ways to Enhance the Exterior of Your Home

If you live in Gilbert, AZ, you already know it’s a wonderful place to live. According to Phoenix Business Journal, “Gilbert ranks as the top place in Arizona to raise a family.” A combination of excellent schools, businesses, and residential areas help put Gilbert on the map for people looking for a well-respected place to live. One way to contribute to your city’s reputation is to continue maintaining the exterior of your home. A home with great curb appeal doesn’t just make the neighborhood look attractive, it can help improve the value of your home. Enjoy these 3 ideas to enhance your home’s exterior. This is the perfect time of year to spruce up the outside.

The Front Door

People often don’t realize how much the front door works to extend a warm welcome to visitors. Next time you’re out, drive through your neighborhood and notice front doors. There’s a big difference in the appeal of a home where the front entrance is well maintained. Now, look at your house, preferably from the sidewalk or street. Maybe it’s been awhile since your front door had a coat of paint. Or, perhaps you decided this year to not put flowers in the flower pots on the porch. All it takes is a quick phone call to a house painting service in Gilbert, AZ. You can have the door painted and maybe a fresh coat on the trim of the house. Now you can feel proud to welcome guests to come in through the front door.

Update Your Landscaping

One thing Arizona has that most states don’t is extreme heat and drought conditions. This doesn’t mean there’s never rain, but it does give homeowners opportunities to get creative when it comes to landscaping. Dry climates require plants and vegetation that don’t need a lot of water. One way you can freshen up your landscaping and conserve water is to create islands throughout the yard. Islands can be constructed with decorative rock, native plants and grasses, and perennials that aren’t constantly begging for water. A plus associated with islands is you have less grass to mow. With the fall season already here, temperatures are cooler and it’s easy to fill planters and hanging baskets with colorful flowers like pansies and geraniums. These annuals usually bloom from fall on through to spring. There’s nothing like bright splashes of color to give your home’s exterior a pick-me-up.

Fresh Paint

If you want to make a significant change to the way your home screams “curb appeal!” give it a fresh coat of paint. Better yet, change the color completely. Whether you want a bright, sun reflecting white exterior, or prefer one of the warm terracotta hues, fresh exterior color is the best way to help your home make a statement. It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning to sell or aim to make it your forever home, painting the exterior adds value and curb appeal. Call the best home painting company in Gilbert, AZ, to discuss your ideas and schedule the project. The fall season is one of the best times to start a painting project because the weather isn’t as hot. So, make this your year to enhance the outside of your home with an updated entryway, a few landscaping changes, and a beautiful new paint color. Be part of the reason Gilbert is on the list of best places to live.


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