4 Evergreen Home Exterior Colors to Consider

“Never judge a book by its cover.” We’ve all heard this inspirational phrase countless times. It encourages us to look beyond the exterior of something or someone, and search within for hidden beauty.

Although this can be true for historical or period homes, as a rule, homeowners know that the exterior of their house defines its curb appeal and can add significant value to the home over time.

Before an exterior painting service in Mesa can “wow” you, the onus is on you to choose a paint color for your home. This is often one of the most challenging parts of a painting project. Consider one of these popular exterior paint color palettes and get ready to fall in love with the look of your home all over again.

Classic Reds

Classic colors never go out of style. Red isn’t just earmarked for farmhouses and fire engines anymore. Discuss muted shades of red like: red brick, deep red, or even a copper tone with your design contact at exterior house painting in Mesa.

Understated Greens

Exterior painters in Mesa know that you simply can never go wrong when you choose a shade of green for the exterior of your home. Trending greens are pale colors like: sage, olive green, and blends leaning toward an earth-tone gray/green. They add a stunning, long-term appeal to your home as well as pairing with the exterior paint choices of other houses in your neighborhood.

Toned Yellows

Yellow can be a bold choice if you choose the wrong shade. Science has proven that yellow is a positive, stimulating color, yet in large quantities, it can be overwhelming. If you’re leaning toward a yellow exterior, choose a toned-down version of the shade. It’ll be beautiful from afar and easy on the eyes when you’re sitting on the deck on a lovely evening.

The three current popular shades of yellow for exterior coverage are: soft yellow, pale yellow, and butter yellow.

Mild Grays

If you’re still struggling to choose a color, discuss the ever-popular grayscale with your exterior painting contractor in Mesa, AZ. The beauty of grey is its versatility, both over time and to accept complimentary colors of any shade.

When you choose a light grey, dark grey, or any version of a modern grey-blend as the main exterior color, you can augment the look by adding trending colors in your trim work, shutters, and deck spindles.

When you’re ready to hire a proven professional team to give your house a stunning makeover, call exterior painters in Mesa. Together, you’ll decide on the perfect exterior paint color for your home.

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