6 Common House Painting Mistakes to Avoid

There may not be just one way to ensure a good paint job on your house, or a formula for picking the exactly right paint color 100% of the time, but there are some things you can do to make sure the paint job is well done and looks great when you are house painting in Mesa. In fact, you can start by hiring an excellent professional house painter in Mesa, and avoiding the following common mistakes.

Painting Things Other Than the House

When painting the exterior of your home, the idea is to paint the house itself, and not everything else too. Take the extra time before you start painting to cover your shrubs and flower beds, as well as outdoor sockets and water spigots. You can get paint off a lot of surfaces with paint thinner, but it is always best to protect all other surfaces prior to getting started.

Not Using Painters Tape

When you are painting, do yourself a favor and invest in some actual painter’s tape. Many people will use another kind of tape such as masking tape or even worse, no tape at all. There are several different ways to make your paint look crisp and precise, and using tape designed for the job is one of them.

Not Preparing the Surface

Always be sure to prepare the surface you are painting before rolling paint onto it. This is key, because even miniscule flecks of dust or dirt on the walls can result in blaring faults in the paint job. It can result in uneven paint spots or paint that chips and peels off easily.

Not Investing in the Project

It’s understandable that you are on a budget with your painting project. However, one of the things that you should avoid doing is buying cheap materials to try to save money. These materials likely aren’t providing the value that you want in terms of quality, and it will probably show up when you are done with the project.

Tossing Extra Paint

When you have done any painting in the past, you probably tossed out the leftover paint afterwards. Many people make the same mistake of tossing out leftover paint after a project is complete. However, you should hang onto it as long as you can in the very likely event that you need to touch up spots later.

Doing It Yourself

There are many home improvement projects that are perfectly appropriate for you to do yourself. However, for best results, and to ensure an excellent paint job, hire a professional painting contractor to paint your home’s exterior.

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