7 Essential Steps Toward a Professional Exterior Paint Job

One of the least expensive ways to update your home’s appearance is an exterior paint job. Not only can a coat of quality paint enhance a structure’s appearance, it can help protect it from the elements as well. But before your home’s exterior gets a makeover, there are some options that need to be considered and a variety of surface prep tasks to complete before you begin painting.

DIY or Hire a Pro

Exterior painting companies have experience with all types of structures and architectural designs, and they have the proper equipment needed to complete the job quickly and professionally. Plus, painting contractors understand how the hot Arizona sun can affect the exterior paint and your home’s appearance. There are steps to painting a home’s exterior which are time-consuming and require an experienced hand.

Protect Shrubs and Trees

Trim back overgrown vegetation and limbs that touch the house. Saturate flowerbeds that are in close proximity to the house with water, and pull them back away from the structure. Cover them with a fabric drop cloth, not a plastic one. Cover the ground with additional drop cloths to capture any debris.

Scrub It Down

Washing exterior walls removes dust, dirt, grime, and residue—substances that could interfere with the paint’s ability to adhere to the surface. Power washers are frequently used, but professional exterior painters warn that if used incorrectly, you could actually cause damage to the home by forcing water into the siding and trim, breaking glass, knocking off brick mortar, and creating gouges in the woodwork.


Before beginning this step, it’s important to know whether or not your home has a layer of lead paint covering the exterior. Scraping a lead-painted surface releases toxic dust into the air. Even if the paint is not lead-based, wear a dust mask to protect yourself. Scraping by hand is less damaging to a home’s surface, but it is also much more time-consuming. Check for any rotted wood.


A clean, smooth surface allows the paint to adhere better and presents a professional-looking appearance. In some cases, the old paint needs to be stripped first, and then sanded to create a paint-friendly surface. Remove any dust or debris that resulted from the sanding.

Patch Any Defects

Fill small cracks, dents, and divots with a patching material designed for house repairs, but leave the big cracks until after the surface is primed.

Prime the Surface

A primer seals the wood, adding additional protection against the elements and increasing the longevity to the exterior paint. Use metal primer to cover any exposed nail heads to prevent rust stains from appearing on the paint. Caulk small joints.

Once these preparation tasks are completed, the house is ready to paint. Contact local companies experienced in exterior house painting in Mesa to get an estimate of the cost to have your home professionally painted.

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