Best Exterior Color To Withstand Arizona Heat

Are you worried that your home’s exterior color will begin to fade under the Arizona sun? Are you concerned about your exterior paint withstanding the harsh elements? If you’re wondering which are the best Arizona exterior house colors to withstand the heat, you’re in the right place.

Fading, peeling, and blistering are common issues for the exterior paint used on Arizona homes. The direct sunlight and intense heat can cause unwanted wear and tear on your exterior paints, including your front door. Discover our pointers for how to choose dependable Arizona exterior house colors for your home.

Best Exterior Paint for Arizona Sun

The intense UV rays of the Arizona sun can fade most exterior colors quickly. Vibrant colors might be enticing as an option, but even they will become muted after exposure to UV rays. Dark exterior paint colors can also fade quite quickly when exposed to the harsh Arizona sun.

As dark and vibrant paint colors absorb UV rays, heat, and moisture, they become more prone to fading, peeling, and blistering. The continual breakdown of these color choices can be costly to maintain under the Arizona sun. While using these colors is always an option, they will require more touch-ups to keep them looking as pristine.

On the other hand, light colors and muted pastel paint colors are more likely to:

●       Deflect heat

●       Reflect the sun’s UV rays

●       Resist fading

For these reasons, it’s best to choose lighter Arizona exterior house colors whenever your home needs a fresh coat of paint.

How To Choose Exterior Paint Colors

The best Arizona color palette will include medium and light tones like brown, beige, and tan. Because these lighter color choices can reflect most of the heat and the UV rays, they will reduce the amount of heat absorbed into the paint and, therefore, your home.

The help of experienced Arizona painting contractors can make your color selection easier. These professional painters have seen many colors in action over the years. Their experience with various types of paint will let them advise you which will be best for your home.

Many factors play a role in choosing an exterior paint color that can withstand the regional heat, including:

●       The type of material your home’s exterior is made from (brick, aluminum, wood,  etc.)

●       The amount of sun exposure your home gets throughout the day

●       How much shade your home’s surrounding environment provides

Additional factors that play into long-lasting exterior paint colors include preparing the surface properly, priming the area with quality primer paint, and using high-quality paints. These steps of the painting process can help combat the effects of the hot Arizona sun. Also, high-quality paints are formulated to last longer, even in harsh conditions.

You don’t have to settle for a home with a faded and tired appearance. For professional help in choosing the best Arizona exterior house colors for your home, call Life In Color Painting Services, an Arizona painting company, at 480-229-7615 or contact us online.

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