Best Exterior Painting Color for Spring

Before painting the outside of a house in Chandler, we work with our clients to choose the perfect color combination for them. When choosing the color, it’s important to take the colors of existing features into account, such as the roof, driveway, chimney, landscaping, other homes in the neighborhood, natural lighting, the weather, and other factors of the region. Considering these factors helps the home become a part of the ambiance around it. While taking these things into consideration, here are some of the best colors to use this spring.


White is the perfect color to help keep a home cooler in the summer, which is perfect when the home gets a lot of direct sunlight. Believe it or not, there are lots of shades for white paint. Choose one that will work best for the home. For example, an off-white color won’t look as dirty as quickly.

White looks great on ranch style or Spanish style homes with a red tile roof. For a great color combination, try dark chocolate for the trim and other accents.


Slate gray is a popular option this year because it creates an elegant yet traditional look for the home. This color is a great option for homes with wood shingle siding, especially when paired with white accents. The color combination looks clean and sophisticated.  Homeowners can then have a blue or other color for the door that will draw people’s attention and create the perfect harmony of colors.

Neutral Tones

When choosing a color that works well with the landscaping, neutral tones are the perfect choice, especially when there are lots of deep browns and greens. Colors like taupe and beige also work great for homes with vinyl siding.

Try adding an accent color on the front door. Red, for example, is a great option to add a pop of color while adding to the neutral tones.

Earthy Green

Green evokes feelings of serenity and calm. Similar to neutral tone paint colors, green complements landscaping designs with lots of flowers, trees, and bushes. Try pairing it with pure white paint for the trim and another color, such as light yellow, for other accents on the home.

We recommend painting the outside of your house to help update its look and improve the home’s curb appeal. If it’s time for a change, consider some of the popular color options from this spring. This is especially helpful if homeowners are thinking about moving this year. Choose one of these trending colors to draw more potential buyers to the home.

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