Best Paint Colors for Your Baby Girl’s Room

Rosy Pink

Pink is the classic, go-to color for little girl’s rooms. Pretty, sweet, and feminine, pink can also be calming and relaxing. Too much pink, however, can not only be cloying, but can cause anxiety and agitation. Balance pink with white for a room that’s perfect for your little princess without being over-the-top. A house painting service in Queen Creek is a great resource for helping you with paint color questions.

Perfect Purple

Little girls love purple. It has the prettiness of pink, but with a little more glamour and sophistication. Purple is associated with royalty, wisdom, and spirituality. It can be warm or cool, depending on the shade. Soft shades, such as lavender and lilac, promote calmness and serenity, while richer shades make a dramatic statement. Purple pairs well with white, grey, pink, silver, or small touches of green. A house painting contractor can help you pick harmonious shades.

Beautiful Blue

Serene and beautiful, blue is calming for the mind and body, and creates a relaxing atmosphere. It looks crisp and clean paired with white and is a nice cool choice in hot climates. Avoid dark shades and blue-greys, as they can be gloomy.

Energizing Orange

Warm colors such as orange are stimulating and energizing. They make a room feel warm, cozy, and inviting. Orange is an especially dynamic color and may not be the best choice for bedtime or soothing a cranky baby. Apricot or peach, toned down with white or cream accents, is a nice way to enjoy the warmth of orange while maintaining a more relaxed atmosphere.

Sunshine Yellow

Yellow is a warm, happy, and energetic color. A bright, cheerful yellow can help stimulate memory, while cooler yellows promote concentration. Intense yellows can be balanced with a clean white or light grey so they’re not overpowering.

Soothing Green

Green is the color of nature, of leafy forests and mossy glades. It is relaxing and nurturing and promotes a healthy sense of well-being. Interestingly, while green is a very soothing color, it also enhances concentration, and has even been shown to increase reading ability.

Snow White

White is associated with innocence, purity, and angels. White can be used alone, especially if you vary textures, such as white lace curtains and a fuzzy rug. It looks great with virtually any color, even neutrals.

Accent in Black

Black is usually used just for furniture or accents, and works best in a bright, well-lit room. Balanced with white or pale neutrals, it can be quite sophisticated. Consult a house painting service in Queen Creek when considering a new look for your home.

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