Best Exterior Paint Colors for 2021

2020 has been one of those years that has forced us to take a closer look at our homes.
Some people started focusing on the interior while others explored exterior house paint ideas.

The majority started to turn their exterior house paint ideas into reality. If you belong to the same ship, Life in Color Painting has got a list of the best exterior paint colors you should try out in 2021.

Creamy Whites / Warm

There’s no doubt that the off-white paint color will remain the gist of most exterior house paint ideas for yet another year.

However, you can change the trend by giving a shot to the creamy whites (warm) paint color. Creamy whites give an appealing and aesthetic look to absolutely any exterior.

Coral Perfection

As suggested by the name, Coral Perfection is the perfect shade of pink. Coral perfection gives a neat and tidy look to exteriors like front doors. Although it’s used to pull off many other house paint ideas, we recommend this paint color for exteriors that have many accents.

Pale Gray

Pale Gray is one of the highly-recommend paints used for exterior house paint ideas in 2020 – and we are sure that the trend will carry on in 2021.

The pale gray color on the exterior projects a uniform and clean look regardless of the body it’s applied to. Mostly, pale gray color is applied to the exteriors as a whole, as opposed to just doors or trim.


Believe it or not, the beige color is still hard to beat! Especially on exterior surfaces, beige provides a solid and bold compliment that’s hard to achieve with any other paint color.

Most exterior house paint ideas that are all about a “rough and tough” look make use of the beige color paint.

Combo of Pale Blue & Green

Usage of pale blue and green to emphasize an exterior is popular in pretty much any color scheme.

Pale blue and green can act as an accent color in your house’s exterior. Use this sweet combo on doors or shutters along with a completely off-white color scheme.

Dark Gray

Don’t we all love the dark shades? If you’re like most of us, then the dark gray paint color will be your ideal choice for your house exteriors.

Dark gray is ubiquitous, and regardless of its variations it tends to go well with almost any exterior surface of a house, office, or any other space.


Back in the days, black paint color wasn’t ideal for home exteriors, but in recent years it’s made a strong comeback everywhere. We are living in a generation where people like the minimalist appeal of the color black.

Use black as an accent or the main color on the exterior, and you surely won’t regret it.

Final Words

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