Essential Tips When Communicating With Your Exterior Painting Contractor

Homeowners tend to have a very specific picture in their mind when hiring contractors to paint their house. The problem is, the vision can sometimes be communicated ineffectively. This leads to unsatisfied customers and frequent touch-ups.

But, it doesn’t have to happen that way. Here are some tips that can help you communicate effectively with your exterior painting contractor in Mesa, AZ:

Talk About Your Expectations

Many homeowners want the exterior of their house to be unique. People have varying tastes, likes, and dislikes, and you’re undoubtedly no different. If you have a specific preference as to how you’d like things to look, tell the contractor right from the very first consultation.

You can also send additional notes by email or text throughout the process. Check in regularly so you can discuss how to proceed with the plan. Your expectations might change as you see your original idea coming to life. If that’s the case, you have to tell the contractors as soon as possible.

Ask Questions

Your very first question should be about insurance. Right from the beginning, you should ensure they have the appropriate insurance, including comprehensive business liability and worker’s compensation. This way, you know that you and the contractors will be protected in case of an accident.

Aside from insurance, you should ask about the employees. What type of training did they receive? Will the company use subcontractors? Who will manage things?

Be as thorough as you can. If there’s something you’re unsure of, don’t hesitate to ask about it, especially in the initial consultation. Discuss all your concerns and don’t sign anything until you’re absolutely confident they can complete the work to your standards.

Be Open About Your Budget

When commissioning an exterior painting service, one of the most important things you’ll have to discuss is your budget. This is something you have to be completely honest about. How extensive is the job, and how much are you willing to spend on it? Do you have any extra cash available to go over the expected costs?

Before you even start, the company will usually give you an estimate of how much things will cost. If it doesn’t quite fit your budget, don’t worry. You can always discuss your options with the contractor and figure out a way to lower the price without the work quality suffering.

Discuss Supplies and Techniques

There are many different kinds of supplies out there. What will your contractors be using? Is the paint well-suited to the weather in your area? Are there any safety issues you have to know about?

And, don’t be afraid to ask about specific techniques, either. If there’s something you want done, perhaps a decorative element, then mention it. The contractor may not have suggested it, but that doesn’t mean they can’t do it.

Speak Up if There’s a Problem

If there’s a problem, bring it up as soon as you can, even if the painter is midway through the job. It’s much easier to fix an issue while it’s still small, and things are unfinished.

And, if the paint job is finished and you discover that some things aren’t up to your standard, point it out. They may have missed a tiny spot or made a mistake somewhere. It’s best that they get it fixed while they’re there instead of calling them back again for a touch-up.

These are just a few things you need to do to communicate effectively with your exterior painters in Mesa, AZ. The key to a successful project is to be open and honest with them throughout the entire process. If you have a problem, question, or concern, say so. Contact Life in Color Painting Services once you’re ready to get started.

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