How to Winterize Your Home’s Exterior

Squirrels place their acorns in tree hollows, bears hunker down in their caves to sleep, and people start readying their homes for increased moisture and lowering temperatures: late fall is a time for all creatures to prepare. With the following tips for winterizing your home, you won’t be caught off-guard or need to deal with a home maintenance issue around the holiday season. We can prepare you for winter with tips on blocking exterior cracks and getting exterior painters near Tempe.

Cleaning Gutters

When the winter comes, if you accumulate debris and ice in your rain gutters, they can become heavy and pull away from your house. This has the potential to damage them and your home’s siding, so cleaning them out before the first winter storm will benefit you. To start cleaning out your gutters, get a trustworthy ladder. Scrape out the leaves and twigs, depositing them into bags or buckets. Afterward, you will be able to trust that any moisture will be able to move through them and away from your house.

Blocking Fissures

Gaps around your exterior doors or windows can drastically increase your heating bill during the winter months. Assemble some extra weatherproof strips for the bottom of your exterior doors and purchase caulk to close gaps around windows. If you know there’s a draft but are having difficulty determining where it’s coming from, light a candle and use the direction the flame is blowing to narrow the areas where the gap might be. Examine the areas around your home and fill as needed to keep drafts out and your heat in.

Paint the Exterior

Exterior paint provides many benefits during the winter months. One benefit is that it provides insulation. Another is that exterior paint creates a barrier against moisture. When water gets into cracks in your home’s siding, it will expand as it freezes, creating even larger holes or gashes. When you paint the outside of your house in Tempe, you’ll be reinforcing the structure and soundness of your home. To find out more, you can contact us and our expert house painters near Tempe.

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