Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

Giving your house a new exterior paint job is a great way to add to its curb appeal and improve its resale value. Buyers will see the outside of your home before anything else, and this first impression can lead to an impulse to buy or a need to walk away. Even if you’re not planning on selling your home, doing the exterior paint job correctly protects the home from the elements and can help you feel better about coming home. If you’re planning on painting your home’s exterior, make sure to avoid these mistakes.

No Plan

The outside of your home doesn’t need just one color. Most homes will require three colors, and smart people add a fourth to improve the visual appeal of the home. By planning the colors, you need for the walls, framing, and accents, you can be sure that your color coordinated efforts will be rewarded with a home that looks like it was painted with intent.

No Sampling

Once you have your colors chosen, it’s important to sample them on the house before committing to large swaths of paint. Some paints will look much different on the home than they do on the paint cards and in the bucket. Make sure you know what you’re getting by sampling first.

Didn’t Look at Neighbors’ Houses

Your home shouldn’t be your only consideration unless you can’t see your neighbors’ homes. Looking at the colors of the houses around you can help you decide what colors will work on your own home. Standing out is one thing; clashing is another. Even if you fall in love with a color, it’s important that your home works with the rest of the neighborhood. If you have an HOA, make sure you check their rules for exterior paints.

What about Landscaping?

Your front yard is a part of your home. Consider the kinds of flowers and plants you have in your yard to help give your home a more pulled together look. Choosing colors that don’t work with your flowers and trees is a mistake that can reduce the perceived value of your house.

The Front Door

The front door of your house is like an accessory. A great necklace can make a dress stand out from the crowd. The right front door can improve your homes looks. Wood or white are okay because they are neutral and work with any color. Choosing a door that works with your color scheme can create an outstanding feel for your home.

Once you’ve chosen the right colors for your home and you’ve avoided the above mistakes, you’ll need to apply the color. The best way to do this is by hiring a professional. Companies that do exterior painting can provide you with a guaranty of workmanship while maintaining the paints own warranty. When you sell the house, you’ll be able to provide proof of painting and add value to your home. In choosing to go with a professional, you’re getting someone who can help you avoid even more mistakes. When you need a professional painting contractor in Chandler, AZ, contact Life in Color Painting and get the most out of your paint for your home.

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