Popular Exterior Trim Colors

The right exterior house paint can breathe new life into your home, taking it from outdated to fresh and truly spectacular. A fresh coat of paint can improve your home’s curb appeal and even its value.

When it comes to exterior house painting, there are multiple colors from which you can choose. While the color you pick ultimately depends on your preferences, we thought we’d share some of the popular paint trim colors that are perfect for the exterior of a house.


Popular Exterior Trim Colors

As experienced exterior painting contractors, we are seeing at the moment more and more homeowners lean towards darker, saturated colors when it comes to painting entire exterior bodies. These darker colors are then paired with shiny whites, especially on wood siding and trim areas. Here’s our list of other current popular exterior house painting and trim color combinations. While some are trendy choices, a few are classic options that we feel will never go out of style.


Desert Dune

This is a warmer gray color with a khaki undertone that creates the perfect backdrop for your architectural and landscaping elements to really shine.



Staying with the gray color, flagstone is a classic cool gray. You can choose to pair it with vibrant or subtle trim colors, depending on your preferred overall aesthetic.


Cool Charcoal

This is a deep greige color, which is a combination of gray and beige. It is a rich paint color that works well with both warm and cool color schemes. You can combine it either with white or black trim.


Ghost Ship

If you are a fan of beige, you should check out this popular option. Ghost ship is a ginger beige with a subtle red undertone—the paint pairs well with black-colored trim and accents.


Heron Gray

This is a golden greige color with almond undertones. Whether you use it for your home’s body, shutters, or doors, its beauty remains constant.


Storm’s Coming

Though this paint has a gray and beige color to it, its fresh and light nature allows it to bring a sunniness to the trim, which many homeowners are after.



Who said gray is dull? Not us. Gypsum is a pale gray veiled white color that features red undertones. Whether you are looking to paint your home’s body or trim, gypsum would make an excellent choice for exterior house painting.


Knight’s Armor

This is a dark gray paint that takes you back to vintage chalkboards. When used on trim, the color goes very well with other shades of gray paint.



You could also go with this cool and serious black paint that is perfect for making your doors, shutters, and trim pop.



This is a cooler version of onyx that closely resembles charcoal. The color is exceptionally stunning on your home’s body, doors, shutters, and trim.


Quality Exterior Painting Solutions

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