Qualities to Look for in a Residential Painting Company

In most communities, there’s no shortage of residential painting companies vying for your business when you begin to seek quotes for a home painting project. But not every professional house painter is worth your time and investment, and it’s critical that you find house painters in Chandler who will treat your job with care and guarantee their results exceed your expectations. When searching for the perfect painting company, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the sheer volume of options at your disposal, which can lead some to hurriedly choosing a painter without performing a duly diligent investigation.

Fortunately, finding the right painter for your project isn’t terribly difficult if you know what qualities to seek. The best painters aren’t just adept at their craft, but they’re also responsive, honest, and customer service oriented. Keep reading to learn more about a few of the qualities that you should seek in a residential painting company.


Your time is valuable to you, and when you hire someone to do a job, you expect them to respect that. Too many service providers play fast and loose with scheduling, and that can result in disgruntled customers and wasted time. That’s why when seeking a painter, you should search for a company that respects your time enough to be punctual for appointments. Also, look for a company with a history of sticking with their agreed-upon schedule. There’s nothing worse than seeing your project languish because the painters didn’t show up when they were supposed to.


It’s not too much to ask to expect a high degree of professionalism from the painting companies you consider. Professionalism is one of the qualities that separates the best companies in the business from their competitors. Professionalism can be manifested through honest and fair business practices, professional ethics, communication, responsiveness, and the personal conduct of the painting crew. There’s no reason you should have to tolerate foul language, unsafe work practices, or insufficient cleanup.


Many have suffered through the experience of hiring a contractor to perform work on a property only to have the project drag on because the workers leapt from project to project after starting. It’s important to both the quality of the work and your sanity that once your painters begin the project, they continue working on it through completion. Who wants to come home to find a half-painted house with no promise of when the painters will return to complete it? You want a painting company that promises to diligently work on your project from start to finish.

Attention to Detail

So much of the quality of a residential painting job is determined by the attention to detail that the painters exhibit. A job that’s rushed through or executed by painters who aren’t skilled in their trade is obviously lacking, so it’s important to find a painting company that pays attention to detail. The little things count when painting, such as covering shrubs to prevent paint platter or using the right brushes to ensure even coverage. Don’t settle for any professional painting company that doesn’t treat your house as if it’s their own.


Of course, you want a painting company that offers high-quality results and flawless execution of your painting project. Painters shouldn’t only possess the physical skills to get the job done at a high level, but they should also have the proper equipment and expertise to render perfect painting results expediently and affordably. Your painting contractor should also be able to offer you advice on colors, finishes, and styles that will beautify your property.

Finding the right house painters isn’t hard if you know what qualities to seek during your search. Many companies will be competing for your project, but it’s critical that you look for the traits referenced above when selecting the right one. When you’re searching for an exterior painting service in Chandler, AZ, contact Life in Color Painting at (480) 229-7615.

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