Reasons to Repaint Your Home’s Exterior During Spring

Working Conditions

If you call for a home painting service in Ahwatukee in the spring, working conditions will be much safer for the painters, and your home will be more accessible for more of the time. Any job that takes place outdoors is easier in the more temperate months of the year. The summer brings uncomfortable heat while the winter can get a bit chilly.

There’s another benefit to the changing of the seasons, too, namely that your house painters in Ahwatukee will have more opportunity to fit you into their schedule since the days are longer in the spring than they were a few months previously.

Preparing for Resale

This doesn’t apply to everyone, but most people tend to move during the summer. If you think you might be one of these people, you can plan and have your house painted early in the spring. That can give potential buyers a better first impression of your home and can increase its resale value at the same time.


House painting in Ahwatukee goes much more smoothly in the spring than in the winter because of the warmer temperatures. When you’re painting, warm air helps the paint dry faster and better. This is true both inside and outside, but inside the house, you get to control the climate manually. When dealing with the exterior, you’re at the mercy of the elements, so it’ll be easier if you pick warmer days.

Finding Damage

The contraction and expansion your home goes through as the temperatures fluctuate throughout the year means that come spring, you’ll start to find weather damage on the outside of your home. It might just be peeling or fading paint, or it might be damaged wood, cracked caulking, or damaged siding. A home painting company in Ahwatukee can go over the exterior of your home with you and work to fix those flaws before painting over the whole thing and making it look that much better.

Spring Renewal

Beyond the logistical reasons to paint your house in the spring, let’s remember the fun a new paint job can bring. Spring connotes renewal, growth, and change. Reflect the excitement of this magical season by painting your house in that fun color you’ve been thinking about. Spring is a great time to try new things and add a little flair to your home. What better time to make a change than right now?

If you’re ready to schedule that spring appointment, contact Life in Color Painting today.

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