Signs Your Home Needs Exterior Painting

Even though you probably spend a lot of effort on your house making sure everything is nice and tidy on the inside, summer is the time of year when many homeowners start considering the exterior a bit more. After all, summer is the time for playing in the pool and grilling in the backyard. There’s probably no time of year where you spend this much time looking at your house from the outside rather than the inside.

Is it time to revamp your house’s look? Check out this handy guide to help you recognize the signs that it’s time for an exterior home makeover. It just might be the perfect season to think about calling an exterior painting contractor in Ahwatukee  to put a fresh new coat on your house

Weather Damage

As good as the paint looks when you first saw your house, you know it’s not going to last forever with how hot it can get in Arizona. It’s already warm around here year-round, but the soil and foundation of the house can dry up during the hotter days and cause significant damage on the exterior. You can see signs of the paint starting to wear off it you see several cracks or peeling paint.

Houses in Arizona get a lot more sun than most of the nation on an annual basis, so eventually, the colors on your house have the potential to fade to a different shade and make your house look entirely different.

If you are an upcoming homeowner, this may have an influence on what color of paint you want your house to have. It can be difficult and sometimes pricy to repair severe cases of peeling paint around the house. Lighter colored painting can help you spot the cracks faster, but they may make your house look worse as a result. Dark colored paint means you can easily hide the cracks for a longer amount of time, but you might have a harder time locating them.

You Want to Sell

 Are you thinking about selling? Before you consider using the same color on your house that you used before, ask an expert what colors are trending at the moment. A nice fresh coat of paint in a popular color can add value to your house if you’re thinking about moving elsewhere.

Dirty Walls

What you choose to surround your house with can also have a large impact on your exterior. If you have a lot of soil for a garden, or a pet who likes to play in the mud, dirt and grime can accumulate on your house over time. It may be difficult to remove this buildup if it isn’t cleaned immediately. A thorough washing and fresh coat of paint will have your house looking nice and new again in no time.

Even though painting your house with a new coat can be challenging, finding the right contractor to help you paint it and select the right color can relieve a large portion of stress in the process. Contact Life in Color Painting to see what your best course of action is if you feel your home could use a new look.

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