Spring: Best Time to Get Your Home’s Exterior Painted

Is your house looking a little dull? Do you wish your home could stand out from the block a little more? Worse, is your house’s exterior paint starting to show flaws like chipped, faded, or even missing paint? A local painter can give your house a face lift with a new coat of fresh paint.

Color makes a huge difference in home curb appeal, so if you want to make your house look more impressive, choose to hire a local painter this spring. Believe it or not, spring is the best time to have the exterior of your house painted.

Here’s why you should put a home exterior paint job on top of your home improvement list this spring.

Spring Conditions

First of all, spring is a welcome time for home improvement because it’s one of the most pleasant times of year. The end of winter brings sunny, warm weather that’s just cool enough, and not too hot. While many people wait to hire a local painting contractor and other home services contractor in the summer, summer heat can make workers sluggish, and some paints may only be able to tolerate application early in the morning or at sunset.

In the spring, though, direct sunlight offers pleasant warmth, so the local painting contractor of your choice will gladly work throughout daylight hours to get the job done.

Better-Looking Paint

Summer heat can make it too difficult for paint to dry well. Dramatic temperature fluctuations between day and night, especially on areas that get direct sun, can make paint expand and contract drastically right after application. This can make paint peel.

In the winter, paint won’t adhere to surfaces properly. Ice and other cool moisture will also interfere with paint and primer. Overall, winter conditions just aren’t conducive to outdoor painting.

Spring is right in between hot and cold, but lacks the debris of leaves and twigs that fall brings. This plant matter can get caught in the wind and dirty a wet paint job. Moderate spring temperatures allow primer to dry, as well as latex paint, which is a hardier type of paint that’s recommended for home exteriors. In spring conditions, paint goes on properly, and the results will last longer.

Spring Style Choices

Spring is also a great season to paint your home because many home design and paint companies premiere new color choices. For instance, Behr released its new paint color of the year for 2019: Blueprint, a cool, dark blue with a hint of gray, for a sleek and stylish look. Pantone’s color of the year is Living Coral, a bright hue that combines pink and gold undertones for a positive and eye-catching color. Get on board with trendy colors early in the year so your home represents the cutting edge of design.

If you’re ready to make a difference in your home’s design and curb appeal this spring, reserve a local painting contractor’s services today. Start with Life in Color Painting, LLC. Life in Color Painting can paint the outside of a house in Queen Creek like no other company. Call today to book your springtime appointment!

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