The Best Color Combinations to Try This New Year

2020 has arrived, and this means that it’s time to take a good look at your home. Has your exterior paint job survived the past decade? If it has survived without crackling, bubbling, fading, or chipping, then consider if you’d like a more modern touch.

Color can do wonders for your home. It can make even an older house look like new again. Even better, the house painting cost is far better than replacing your cladding or changing your landscaping. Best of all, it can make your home look fresh and stylish for the new year. So, what color should you paint your house? A professional home painting service can help you decide based on the style of your home. However, below are some of the best color combinations that you’ll be seeing this year.

Shades of Blue

Blue is one of the rare colors that can be combined in multiple shades without clashing. Navy blue, sea blue, and sky blue all bring out each other’s best qualities for a soothing ambiance that works on every home. Try painting porches and other recessed areas a dark, muted blue, and larger swaths of walls a soft, powder blue. The variety within the blue family will give your home a unified theme as well as an instantly attractive personality.

Shades of Gray

If you prefer something more modern and simplistic than various shades of blue, try another color that can be combined in various shades—gray. Use a palette of grays to draw the eye toward attractive architectural features like columns and archways. You can even use contrasting shades of gray to draw the eye toward your front door—always a great exterior painting choice.

Red, Blue, and Tan

This fresh and unique color combination is incredibly popular in commercial properties, but a lean toward the clean and well-constructed look of commercial properties is now common in homes too. Just look at the preference for floor-to-ceiling windows and raw materials like concrete and iron in modern architecture. Red-stained wood, blue concrete or brick, and tan flooring balance each other in a fascinating way. Not only do they provide diversity from light to dark, but they also emphasize earthy and muted tones at the same time. The combination of red, blue, and tan lends a certain youthful appeal to your home. Remember that a good house painting service can also recommend specific products and shades, so you get a perfect palette.

Black and White

Finally, there’s no denying the power of this classic color combination. Black and white are such perfect opposites that they balance each other with ease, emphasizing architectural details, and making your home look much newer than it is while also giving it a traditional charm. Black and white suits every architectural period, style, or design, as well as all home sizes. However, all that white paint may degrade or stain fairly easily, so you may need the help of a house painting contractor to maintain a clean, even look.

The best way to find out which of the above stylish palettes works best for your house is to call a house painting service in Ahwatukee. Life in Color Painting Services is the local expert in exterior paint jobs, offering house painting in Ahwatukee that will spruce up your curb appeal. Call us today to learn more about the style upgrade potential of painting your home this year.

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