The Importance of Online Reviews When Hiring a Painting Contractor

Online reviews are a great way to determine which of the many exterior painting companies in Tempe, AZ, are going to be the best for your needs. Reviews give you insight into the company you are investigating by showing you the experiences that other customers have had. These can be a valuable resource to both consumers and companies. Consumers can make sure the painters will fill their needs and expectations while companies can grow their clientele through more exposure with each review. What makes online reviews so important when you are looking for a painter, though?

Personal Experiences from Customers

Online reviews can be great for you when you’re comparing painting contractors. Past customers leave reviews that show their personal experiences with each company and painter. You will be able to make sure that the person you are hiring will be able to work well with you. You can make sure that customer service is a priority with your contractor. This is important because it would be awful to work with someone that doesn’t care to make sure your experience is good as a customer. You’ll be able to make sure customers are treated well.

Check Out the Company’s Skill Level

Reviewers tend to give a great idea of each company’s skill level. If you’re going to be forking over money to have the exteriors of your home painted, it should be done right and done within an acceptable timeframe. You can get an idea about the contractor’s skills just by reading a few reviews, and sometimes you may even be able to see before and after pictures of the painter’s work. Knowing what you can expect from the skill of the painter is invaluable when you’re paying for a job that will be seen by all of your neighbors.

The True Costs

Cost is a big factor in most people’s hiring decisions. You may find that some places will promise customers one price and end up charging more than they agreed upon. Online reviews can point out this bad practice and prevent you from overspending on your house painting contractor. You will also be able to see a comparison of the costs with the results. Online reviews can help you determine if the costs are worth the end product.

Reliability of the Reviews

The only drawback to online reviews is that they aren’t all perfect indicators of the company’s skills and practices. While online reviews can be extremely reliable in many cases, internet trolls and horrible customers do exist. Make sure the reviews you are looking at are reliable. Reviews should be clear and have reasonable explanations for the given review. It should be suspicious if a company only has perfect reviews. You should also check both high and low reviews. If you notice that many of the low reviews state the same problems, then there is a good chance the company has those issues. You should be able to tell when the customer is in the wrong and just wanted to complain even though the job was done as expected.

You should never choose a professional painting contractor in Tempe, AZ, just because their webpage is flashy. Online reviews can help you determine how good each contractor really is. You get to see personal experiences as well as see how satisfied customers are with the work done with reliable reviews, so do your research. When you’re looking for the right exterior painters, check out Life in Color Painting Services at

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