Why Do Professional House Painters Wear Only White?

Have you ever noticed that professional painters will sometimes where all-white outfits while they work? It may seem strange, but there is actually a reason for it. As you look for the right professional house painter in Gilbert, consider these reasons for the all-white attire.

It’s a Nonverbal Cue

When you see people wearing all white walking around a building, you immediately recognize who they are and what they’re there to do: paint! This can be incredibly helpful for when they work in public places, as it means that anyone passing nearby will automatically recognize that they should avoid that worksite and they shouldn’t get in the way of the workers.

It’s Historical

In the 17th and 18th centuries, painters would make their pants out of the canvas of sailing ships, which just happened to be white! This trend began to become more official in the 18th century, in part because the work they were doing often involved painting houses white, and the white clothes blended in. Also, in the process of mixing paint, it used to involve combining paint paste with white lead powder, and that mixing process used to stir up a decent amount of white dust, which meant that white clothes would look less dirty.

It’s Professional

Uniforms, even ones that are splattered with many different colors from multiple work sites, are a way that professional painters can all feel like a part of the same team. It makes them give off the appearance that they are skilled and ready to do their job when they show up to a work site. Also, whenever a mess or bit of splatter does occur on their uniforms, the white base turns their clothes into a kind of modern art—it looks messy, but it also looks nice.

Overall, there are several current and historic reasons why painters wear white. It’s fun to learn more about these conventions as you look for your next professional house painter in Gilbert.

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