Choose the Right Paint Colors for Your Home Exterior

If you live in an older neighborhood, or a neighborhood where exterior home design is not regulated or overseen by a homeowner’s association, you may be interested in painting the exterior of your home. Perhaps the paint color is outdated or maybe you just need a change. Whatever the reason, finding the right paint color for your home’s exterior is key. You must find the best house painting service in Queen Creek to help you with the job and you also must consider the following factors when choosing a color.

Tie It in with Major Elements

There are some things that are harder to change, such as the roof, garage door, pathways, and driveways around your house. As much as possible, try to plan the paint color to suit these components. Look for paint colors that will tie all of these elements together. If your driveway and walkways around your home are beige in color, warmer colors such as red and yellow would work well. On the other hand, greens, blues, and grays, will look better with gray and blue undertones.

Think about the Architectural Style

Picking the best paint color may necessitate some research into your home’s architectural style and historical color. A Queen Anne Victorian painted in a deep plum color or a majestic emerald green might look great but wouldn’t look very good on a Spanish style cottage, for instance. Make sure your home color matches the original architectural style.

Choose Three Paint Shades

Painting the exterior of your home might seem easy enough: just pick a color and go with it, right? However, each home has three parts when it comes to color: the field color which is the color of your siding and the most dominant color; the accent color, which is the color of your doors, shutters, and other features; and then the trim color, which is the trim around your windows and doors, the edge of your roof, and the railings. Make sure you pick paint colors for these three elements of your home that go well together and seem like a natural fit. Staying safe and choosing the same basic shade for all three will not do your house any favors and may make it look even more drab than before.

Choosing the best color for your home that you won’t grow tired of quickly and that will leave the house looking beautiful and fresh is important. Just as important is finding the right contractors to do the exterior house painting in Queen Creek. Working with professional painters means that you will have the job done right with the best tools and as efficiently as possible.

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