Classic House Paint Color Schemes

A well-chosen exterior house paint color scheme adds more curb appeal and character to your home. It also reflects your personality and style and draws everyone’s attention to its beautiful details. According to the Home Gain Survey, the exterior paint can increase the value of your house substantially. From vibrant reds and cool blues to white, or calming and relaxing neutrals, your home’s exterior paint design colors are calling cards to people passing by.

Why is it important to choose the right color scheme?

Calibrating the right design and especially the exterior colors, will help your home receive guests in the most welcoming manner. Additionally, if you like the exterior design color of your house, it will please you every time you come back home. That’s why it’s important to choose the right color scheme for your house. Here’s a list of the best exterior paint design colors that will allow you to create your dream home.

Navy and Paper White

If your house is smaller in size, like Cape Cod style homes, the darker navy will suit it best. Consider painting the front and the first story with a dark blue color. It will make your house appear well-rooted to the ground as well as spacious. On top of that, if you also have a front porch, a paper white color like coronation will work perfectly. We recommend you use the white color on all the wooden work such as wooden spindles, window frames and other details.


Garrison Gray and Cream

If you prefer a sophisticated palette, you might be looking for a timeless color scheme. For that matter, pairings of soft white and blue-greys exterior paint design color will suit you well. It not only appears delicate, but it also reflects a comforting and classic feel. Consider painting your home’s exterior with a garrison gray paint color, which will appear a little warm as well. You can also add a cream trim such as antique white, which will keep the overall look from feeling dated.


Chocolate Brown, Beige, and Cinnamon

This color combination works best if your house has a lot of windows and roof lines. The deserted beach color with the trim of ancient copper will create an incredible contrast between the green lawn and the blue sky. It will also give your house a unified look with an artistic touch. Moreover, using dark granite, which provides a deep chocolate brown shade on shutters, is an excellent choice as well.


Peach, Beige, and Rose

If you live in the southern region, you’ll love this soft color combination for your home’s exterior. The soft pastel colors provide a warm and inviting feel and draw the attention of each visitor. Consider using shrimp boat color with orange or peach tone to make your house’s exterior details pop. For better contrast, you can use Madagascar pink on your flower boxes and doors.


These are some of the best exterior house paint color schemes that will make your house stand out. Whether you’re an expert DIY enthusiast or a beginner, we hope this guide will help you to find the right exterior paint design colors.

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