Cold Weather Exterior Painting Can Be Done – Here’s How!

You may think painting the outside of your home will have to wait until the weather warms up, but there’s no need! Exterior painting in colder weather can absolutely be done and done well—as long as you take the proper steps to ensure complete quality. Follow these tips when painting in the cold.

Use Quality Paint

Even if you just want to touch up certain areas of your home with a a fresh coat of paint, you need high-quality paint if you want a good result. If you’re using paint you already have, check to make sure there are absolutely no lumps and it is the right consistency throughout. If you find a few lumps or are unsure if it will go on smoothly, test a small, out-of-sight area. But when in doubt, it’s always best to get fresh, quality paint so you can be sure.

Latex paints are known to apply well in cold weather, but if using oil-based paint, it is best to apply when it is at least 40 degrees outside.

Check the Temperature

The actual surface of what you want to paint should be at least 35 degrees or more. Some latex paint allows for more leeway on temperature, but the 35-degree rule is important to prevent cracking. You should also make sure you choose a day where there is no chance of rain and the humidity levels are between 40% and 60%. It’s also a good idea to paint while the sun is shining.

Plan for Extra Wait Time

If it’s colder, the paint won’t dry as fast. Drying time can be as much as double during the winter and should not be rushed. Even a small job can take an entire day to complete, and it’s essential to let each layer dry completely before adding a new one to get even coverage.

Store Excess Paint Properly

If you have any paint left over, make sure to store it properly so you can use it later on for touch-ups if necessary. Paint will last much longer and stay at a higher level of quality if stored indoors in a basement or attic over a shed or garage. Keeping it indoors prevents the paint from freezing, which increases its longevity.

If you want to paint an exterior surface in the cold, it’s very possible! Just follow these tips to ensure a professional-looking result every time. There’s no need to wait for summer if you want a new look for your home now. Today is the day for a fresh coat of paint, no matter the temperature!

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