DIY versus Professional Painters: Which One to Choose?

Imagine your house in the colors of your dreams, sharply painted, looking like the best house on the block and certainly with an improved worth of thousands. Was it professionally painted or do-it-yourself? The dream fades and you are left with the real-world choice, but how do you choose who paints the outside of your house in Tempe? There are several exterior painting services available and any number of DIY experts in every town and neighborhood. It’s time to put on your sleuth hat and do some research.

  • Get information. Call several professional painting services listed in the yellow pages or online via a Google search. Compare fees for painting, what paint they recommend, and what their calendar looks like against what your needs are. Ask for a free estimate.
  • Get more information. Check online with Yelp, neighborhood associations, and social media sites for feedback on paint company services.
  • Get even more information. Call the Better Business Bureau to check on any complaints for various companies.
  • Get referrals. Check with family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors. Is there a painting service that is mentioned favorably several times? Consider them a viable choice.
  • Compare your viable choice with the DIY skills needed for the job. Is this a multi-level home with features requiring detail work, or a home situated on a cliff or in such a way that access is tricky? Does your DIYer have the skills to do the job, as well as the time and desire to tackle such a project?

One consideration you must face is the house painting cost. Most likely the DIYer seems the cheaper alternative. However, when you factor in the cost of paint and supplies and time loss from a job, the cost may be comparable. Contractors often get paint at a discounted rate from what you buy off the shelf. They also carry insurance on their staff, should there be an accident on the job. Homeowners may not wish to assume such a risk for themselves.

In the end, the homeowner may be the proud owner of the house of their dreams sooner and more efficiently if they hire professional painters in their area.

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