Everything to Know About Painting a Stucco House

Stucco homes are popular in hot, dry climates like Tempe, Arizona and its surrounding areas. They are made of cement, water and sand, and the advantage to them is that they can last a long time against the harsh temperatures of Arizona when properly maintained. However, like all other homes, stucco houses need an upgrade every so often and a paint job is a quick and easy way to keep them looking great.

Benefits to Painting Stucco

Painting a stucco exterior is an inexpensive way to make your home look brand new again. Beyond the aesthetic benefits, painting over stucco actually provides us with solutions for a variety of problems.

Stucco is a great sealant and helps protect our homes surfaces from mold growth. While we don’t see rain very often, we do hit periods of time when storms are on the forecast. Using paint as a coat over your stucco house will seal the surface and prevent moisture from penetrating our home. On the contrary, it does a great job holding up against the UV rays of the sun. It seals it off from the elements and maintains a vibrant shade on our home’s exterior. What if it starts to peel or flake? A new coat of paint is in order!

In addition to protecting, paint also increases the curb appeal of our homes by covering hairline cracks and hiding stains. It keeps minor details from being noticed and creates an exterior that will impress those who see it.

What to Prepare Before Painting

There are a couple tasks you’ll need to handle before you get your home painted. You’ll need to make sure your stucco is ready to take on a later of paint by fixing up any major blemishes and giving it a good rinse before starting.

Good paint is not going to work well on a dirty surface. This is why we recommend power washing your home to thoroughly remove any debris, dust, or chipped paint. Areas that are especially dirty should be scrubbed over. This work down in advance will save you a lot of time and money down the line.

Also take this opportunity to repair any cracks on the exterior. Hairline cracks can be covered with the paint but anything larger can be filled in with a high-quality caulk. Keep a damp sponge handy as you work and follow up with a fine texturing sand while the caulk is still wet. This helps it blend into the rest of the house.

Finally, keep the painting timeline and materials in mind. Stucco is a material that needs time to fully cure. If it’s new, then wait at least two months for it to harden before you seal the surface with any paint. Speaking of paint, acrylic is a good option to go with. It is easy to apply and clean up and gives the porous texture of stucco the ability to breathe.

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