Exclusive Exterior Paint Colors for Brick Homes: Winter Edition

Brick homes are classic and refined, with a touch of traditional building techniques that never goes out of style. Even the most contemporary homes can’t compete with the versatile look of brick-and-mortar construction.

If you own a brick home, then you may be making a common design mistake: refusing to paint the brick. Many people assume that because brick is naturally colorful, with clay-like, earthy tones and natural variety, that you must protect this look at all costs. Won’t your home lose its unique character if you paint the brick?

Actually, the opposite is true. If you’ve been relying on the fresh-from-the-factory look, then you aren’t taking advantage of the ways in which exterior painting can bring out the beautiful texture of brick, nor are you updating your home with exciting, welcoming doses of color.

It may be time for a change. If you want to make a brick home look better than ever this winter, consider these beautiful, exclusive, exterior paint color choices courtesy of professional house painting services.

Sky Blue

Light, balanced colors like sky blue are excellent for highlighting architectural features of your house, like, say, brick construction. Sky blue doesn’t just resemble the daytime sky, it actually captures sunlight throughout the day to give your house texture. The color will even appear to vary as the sun changes because sky blue is such a receptive color. It’s also perfectly icy and chilly for the winter season.


White with a touch of earthy brown in it, cream is an excellent color choice for virtually any style of home. Cream won’t cover the texture of your brick house, but will actually modernize it. If you want to paint the outside of a house in Ahwatukee and don’t know where to start, you can’t go wrong with creamy, welcoming white paint. Many local painting contractors have found that cream suits styles old and new.

Navy Blue

If you want to make a brick house look ultra-modern, paint the outside of your house one of the above colors, then use navy blue as a contrast color. Apply navy blue to roof eaves, window frames, the doorway, shutters, and even exposed foundation for a light-to-dark balance that’s extremely popular today. Your home will pop out of a winter landscape perfectly.

Warm Green

When winter rolls around, people love seeing a touch of green. It’s what’s missing from the bare limbs of trees and hibernating grass. Warm green also suits a holiday season aesthetic perfectly, which makes sense if you love to decorate the outside of your home in the winter.

Warm green has a smart, modern, masculine look that isn’t too out-there, but is certainly unexpected.

Medium Gray

Dark, charcoal gray can be too intense for some homeowners, but light gray is overused nowadays. Medium gray, a metallic shade somewhere between deep charcoal and soft concrete, is the perfect shade to give your home an air of sophistication and a little something mysterious. Gray will highlight the varied textures that make brick homes so welcoming and classic. Hire a local painter and communicate the precise shade of gray you want so your winter home looks perfectly cool and edgy.

If these color shades have inspired you to paint the outside of your house in Ahwatukee, contact Life in Color Painting for a high-quality, long-lasting, protective coat of paint that lasts for many winters to come.

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