Exterior House Painting Trends to Try This Winter

If you’re looking for a great way to impress your guests during the winter holidays or to upgrade your home to the standout of the neighborhood, put home painting on the top of your to-do list. Paint can have a tremendous effect on the curb appeal of your home.

But what color should you paint your home? And should you just paint your exterior siding and cladding materials? What about other features like your front door, roof eaves, and even gutters?

You might consider the following winter design schemes, which professional painting contractors across the country are using to add beautiful winter color to homes. Here are some of the best winter exterior paint schemes to try this year. And don’t worry, these color palettes will still be in style long after winter ends and for many years to come.

Simple Black and White

The classic, enduring color scheme that will never go out of style, black and white is the perfect color combination. Nearly everything matches with both black and white, so your landscaping will look beautiful around a home with black and white paint. And while white alone can be too dull and black alone too heavy and bold, the balance of the two is perfect. Try painting your home black with white accents. Black walls with white window frames, pillars, and railing will create an elegant balance that can add modern touches to any old-fashioned home.


Green paint is going to be all the rage this winter. While most people associate colors like red and white with the winter, green is a fashionable winter color because of the evergreen trees that add a sense of comfort and natural health to every winter landscape. Green is a perfect complement to a natural wood finish, so if your home exterior has wooden features like a deck, porch, or natural wood beams, ask a house painting contractor to find the perfect shade of green as a pairing. Green walls perfectly balance refined elegance with a sense of personality and youth, so your home will look elegant and welcoming at the same time. Try to avoid pastel or lime green and aim for more muted shades instead.

Navy Blue

One of the best colors on the planet, navy blue is a great choice for homes because it matches with absolutely every other color that you can think of —even different shades of blue! Pair navy blue with bright neutral accents like white, beige, or light natural wood finish for a home that looks classic and fashionable at the same time. It’s recommended that you hire painting contractors when working with navy blue paint. If mixed or applied poorly, it can come out too dark and heavy or too bright and jewel-like — an effect that can actually make your house look smaller or even dated. When you get a precise shade of mature but rich navy blue, your home will look excellent this winter.

Hire an exterior painting contractor for a long-lasting paint job that lasts far beyond winter. Life in Color Painting Services is the best painting contractor in Queen Creek, offering high-quality paint jobs without flaws like chipping or streaks that are common with a DIY paint job. Call us today to get the most trusted and experienced painters this winter.

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