House Painting Trends for the Year 2020

If you’re ready to update your home to a new look this year, get in touch with exterior painting companies for long-lasting, beautiful painting work. But then this begs the question: What color should you paint your house? Take inspiration from the biggest design ideas of the year. Before you contact a home painting service in Mesa, consider the following exterior home color trends for 2020.

Varieties of Greens

Greens of various shades are stylish in 2020. A famously cool and welcoming color that’s also incredibly versatile, green is a great choice for exterior house painting. And unlike other colors, different shades of green can be combined without clashing. Maroon and pink would look atrocious together, but forest green and mint green collaborate well.

This means that you can paint your home exterior various matching shades of green, each of which has a distinct personality. For instance, while light and tropical greens have a youthful personality, dark greens like ivy and olive have a stately, mature, and sophisticated nature. Just remember to combine light and dark shades to give your home visual balance and to highlight the architectural features of your home like window frames and columns that give it character.

Updated Neutrals

Neutral colors are back in style, and unlike in previous years, this doesn’t mean all-gray all the time. Brown, tan, black, white, and off-white can play off one another for a calming and clean look that’s sophisticated at the same time. A perfect choice for modernizing older homes, combining neutrals is sure to impress. Just remember the importance of light and dark contrast.

Neutrals aren’t as dull as they used to be either. Anything but flat and basic, paint experts like Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore have developed beautiful neutrals that combine different neutral tones in one. Mushroom green, for example, is an earthy medium-gray with tan notes, while colors like cider brown contain subtle shades of yellow. You can even find paints that trick the eye to make surfaces resemble real wood, masonry, clay, or concrete. These unique colors catch the light well and give your home a unique quality. Rely on truly experienced exterior painters to get exacting colors that feature the right amount of subtlety.

Diverse Shades of Blue

Shades of blue, like shades of green, all suit each other nicely. Consider a blue aesthetic for 2020 for a home design that combines all the qualities of good design: maturity, personality, elegance, and a welcoming look. Blue does it all.

The trendiest shades of blue this year can all lend something unique to your home, like steel blue, a deep and intense gray-blue that’s ultra-modern. Navy blue is a less intense take on black for framing and accenting. Consider icy blue paint for a light, almost-neutral, blue-white that’s perfect for highlighting features like window frames, shutters, and roof eaves.

For best results, always leave exterior painting in the hands of a professional painting contractor in Mesa, AZ. Painters like Life in Color Painting Services can help you find the exact color shades you want, finish them perfectly, and only use the hardiest materials for a paint job that’s sure to last long after 2020 ends.

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