How Long Does It Take for Exterior Paint to Dry

There are many advantages to painting both the interiors and exteriors of your house. Other than the aesthetic appeal, it also increases the value of your home. When homeowners decide that it’s time to give their exteriors a fresh coat, and contact Life In Color, one of the more common questions they ask is, how long does it take for exterior paint to dry. The answer depends on two important factors; the weather and the type of paint used.

Under dry weather and with enough sunlight, it takes about a couple of hours for exterior surfaces to dry. You don’t have to worry about the paint getting on your fingers or clothes after 2 hours. That is if you have used water-based paint as opposed to an oil-based paint which ideally shouldn’t be used for exteriors. It also has to be kept in mind that the exterior paint will take around 5 days to completely dry.

The next key question is, how long does exterior paint need to dry before it rains. If it’s expected to rain heavily in the days after the exteriors have been painted, it will take around 6 hours of sunlight for the paint to dry and remain unaffected. If it rains before the paint has had time to dry, some of the exterior paint will get washed off.

Oil-based paints take longer to dry, and therefore if it could be problematic if it rains immediately after the job is done. They don’t perform well in sunny terrains and tend to lose their shine and gloss quickly. Oil-based paints also require the surface to be completely dry before the painting job can begin. They also peel and break down faster than water-based paints. These are some of the reasons Life In Color doesn’t recommend oil-based paint for exterior paintings.

But with the right painting partner, you don’t have to worry about all these details. At Life In Color, we do a thorough analysis of the structure of the house, the weather and the type of paint to be used for the exteriors. We also look at the weather forecast for 2 weeks following the project. It’s only then that we advise our clients on the optimal course of action.

Without proper planning, there could be unnecessary delays and expenses, and that’s the last thing we want for the homeowners. So, when you get in touch with Life In Color for your painting needs, what you will get is a well-thought-out project plan and timeline that takes into account all necessary factors.

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