Preparing Your Home for an Exterior Paint

An exterior paint job is a large project that can completely transform the way your home looks. Whether you’ve decided to do-it-yourself or involve a professional like Life in Color Painting, you want the job to go off without a hitch. There’s plenty to do during the painting process that ensures your home will come out looking its best, especially if you have expert painters involved.

Life in Color Painting will make sure your house is ready to take on its new layers of paint by properly preparing it. Preparing for exterior paint involves pressure washing, patching or replacing wood rot, and tidying up around the exterior. We’re here to make sure the exterior of your home is in the best shape for new paint.

Cleaning the Exterior

A new coat of paint is best applied on a clean surface. Pressure washing is a quick way to tackle an exterior clean. Life in Color Painting will ensure the surface of your home is clean and ready for paint before beginning a project.

Removing Any Objects

We stock up lots of miscellaneous items around the exterior of our homes over the years. You may have hoses attached to the house, a lawn mower sitting in the back, and random gardening tools laying around. Taking the time to move these out of the way, will save the paint crew time and energy as well as protect your items from paint.

Fix Up Your Home

Our homes accumulate a good amount of wear and tear over the years and hiring an exterior painting contractor is the perfect way to address them. You don’t want to paint over something that is damaged. This means Life in Color Painting will carefully inspect the outside of your home from siding to trim and everywhere in between.  Wood or siding that’s been damaged or is rotting should also be replaced. This will make the new coat of paint on your home shine.

To get in touch with a professional painter in your area, call Life In Color Painting Services, a Tempe, Arizona painting company, at 480-229-7615 or contact them online.


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