Satin vs. Flat Sheen Paint for House Exteriors

If you’ve decided to hire a home painting service in Ahwatukee to paint the exterior of your home, there are some important decisions you have to make about the paint. Although the color of paint you choose is important, another consideration that’s just as important as the color is the finish of the paint. If you’re not sure which type of sheen will look best on the exterior of your home, here are some things you should know about flat and satin, which are the two most common types of exterior sheen options to choose from.

Sheen Basics

Most people know that sheen refers to the flatness or glossiness of paint after it dries. Additionally, the level of sheen is determined by how many resins and binders there are in relation to the level of pigment in the paint. Paint with a higher level of pigment than resin creates a less reflective surface. Flatter paints like this cover a surface better than a glossier paint but may not be quite as durable as paint with a higher gloss finish. Glossier paints also highlight imperfections more, which is why they’re typically used for areas like trim or other interior areas that can be easily washed frequently. Painters typically use flat or satin finish paints on the exterior because they cover imperfections better and are easier to apply over the large surface of the home’s exterior.

Flat Sheen

Flat sheen paint contains the smallest amount of resins and binders of all the different options for paint finish. To the touch, flat finish feels dry and almost chalky. It’s a popular choice for exterior paint, however, because it looks luxurious because of its soft and velvety appearance. It also helps hide imperfections like bumps and cracks better so that the overall finished appearance looks more flawless. Flat paint is easy to apply as a second or overlapping coat between sections because the sections will look seamless. It’s very easy to apply an additional coat or touch up without the overall continuity being affected. The downside of a flat sheen paint is that it’s very difficult to clean. It’s actually easier to paint over areas that are affected by rain or mildew than it is to clean them, so it’s important to keep extra paint on hand if you decide to go with flat sheen.

Satin Sheen

Satin sheen has a little more gloss than flat paint without being glossy like an interior paint. This finish is often called eggshell finish because although it’s still slightly chalky, there is also a wax-like quality to the finish that makes it slightly reflective. This slight reflectivity can make the colors seem brighter and bolder. The finished product often looks more luxurious than flat paint because of this added richness in color. Satin paints have the advantage of being easier to clean than flat finishes. A downside of satin paint is that it’s not as good at hiding imperfections and flaws. This also means that it takes more care to apply the paint because overlaps, touch-ups, and bad brushstrokes will show through. Applying satin paint needs to be done with the same care interior paint is applied so that it remains uniform.

An exterior house painting contractor in Ahwatukee can help you decide which paint is best for you based on your home’s exposure to moisture among other factors. Contact Life in Color Painting Services today to learn more.

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