Signs it’s Time to Repaint Your Home

There are many reasons why a new coat of exterior paint may be the exact upgrade your home needs. Paint serves several purposes. Not only is it one of the first aspects of your home that anyone notices, it also plays a role in protecting the exterior of your home from the elements. Paint doesn’t last forever and does need to be replaced every so often. How do you know it’s time to repaint your home? These are the signs to look for.

Cracking Paint

Cracked paint can be caused by multiple factors such as extreme temperatures or bad preparation when it was originally painted. This is a not a good look for the home and can lead to many issues beyond aesthetics. Paint is a barrier that will keep pests and water outside of the house and cracked paint means weak points for all these potential damages to occur.


All sorts of damage can warrant a new coat of paint. If you find that your home is plagued with chips, scuff marks, holes, or areas of missing paint then you should go through these areas and make the necessary fixes. This may require repairing or replacing walls completely and then layering them with a fresh coat of paint.

Stains or Mold

If you’ve noticed moisture stains or mold on your home’s exterior, it’s better to take a closer look. Sometimes there are just surface level blemishes that can be cleaned but other times this can be a sign of more extensive damage to the home. This could mean that water has gotten through the paint and has been sitting long enough to create problems. Paint is a great barrier when it comes to protecting your home from moisture. Have someone look at the damage, fix it up, and get it protected with a new coat.

Faded Colors

Paint doesn’t tend to stay as vibrant as the day it was first painted. Over time, fading can occur especially if your home is exposed to extensive amounts of sunlight. It can also be a sign that the paint wasn’t applied correctly or that it was a low-quality paint to begin with.

In addition, different colors will fade at different rates, for example, darker shades are prone to fading faster than lighter ones.

Reselling Home

If you’re looking to put your home on the market in the near future, a new coat of paint is beneficial whether or not the home is experiencing the other signs of a repaint. Freshly painted home exteriors can do a lot when it comes to attracting buyers and can also increase the value of your home.

Personal Preference

Sometimes the best reason for repainting a home is to change up the look. If you’re tired of the color on your house or didn’t like it to begin with, there is always an opportunity to make a change with some new paint.

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