Signs Your Stucco is Damaged

Stucco sidings are a popular choice for homeowners because of the durability and resistance they offer. However, like other types of siding, it is not immune to wear and tear and can become damaged overtime. You may not be as trained to spot the signs of stucco damage and be unsure about calling in repairs. We go over the most common signs that your stucco is screaming for help.

Causes of Stucco Damage

There are several factors that can cause your walls to suffer. The culprit is usually always water damage either from poor installations, poorly made stucco, poor drainage, or poor sealing. When a stucco house is in its best shape, it should be repelling most of the water it comes in contact with. When stucco isn’t done right, it can absorb the water, leading to long term damage to the structure and integrity of the house.

Discoloration of Walls

Stains or water spots that aren’t going away is one sign that your stucco is having some water problems. While the material is designed to retain some moisture, there should not be dark blotches that refuse to disappear. Discoloration can indicate mold, water damage, or poor installation.

Cracked Stucco

Cracks can emerge overtime as your home shifts. Foundation settlement is a common reason why cracks start to show up on our home’s exterior. However, it can also point to a bad installation, wrong mixing of proportions, or water damage below the surface.

Crumbling Stucco

Crumbling can result from age water damage, pests, or several other factors. When pieces of the stucco fall off, it exposes your wall to outside elements and opens up the opportunity for water to get into your home.

Indentations and Soft Spots

Another sign of leaks or water damage is when your stucco wall starts to look like it’s caving in a bit. An area of the wall that feels soft to touch indicates there is liquid from inside or behind the wall that is weakening it.

Don’t Ignore Stucco Problems

Any signs you notice should be addressed right away. When you notice these types of damage on your home, it isn’t pointing to a surface level issue. Oftentimes, this means the integrity of your home has been disrupted. Ignoring the problem can lead to extensive damage to your home such as mold infestations or rotting from the inside. This makes your home unsafe to live in and decreases the value of it.

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