The Right Way to Paint Your Exterior Stucco

Stucco is an excellent choice for home exteriors. It’s versatile enough to suit a variety of classic and contemporary architectural styles, long-lasting, and hardy against the elements. However, the primary challenge people have with stucco is determining how to paint it.

Stucco isn’t like other surfaces. Painting a stucco house in Queen Creek is different than painting one lined with wood or brick. So how do you ensure your house has a beautiful paint job only a professional painting contractor could pull off, even on such a challenging surface as stucco?

Here are some tips that every stucco house owner needs to know.

Fix the Surface

Stucco is prone to cracks, nicks, and chips, especially around corners and in areas where water may collect. You need to fix these flaws before you paint the surface. You can use acrylic caulk to fill any holes, gaps, or spaces.

Anticipate Issues

Stucco can be unpredictable, so painting it properly depends on you planning ahead. First of all, you may need to purchase more paint per square foot than you’d need to paint any other surface materials. Stucco is porous and tends to absorb paint. It will need several coats to look smooth and of professional-quality. Priming the surface can decrease absorption and save you money. It will also help cover the previous coat of paint.

Make sure you clean the surface, too. Get all dirt, grime, and mold off the stucco before painting to ensure a smooth result. Also, you may need a moisture meter in case the stucco is wet. Stucco can trap moisture, which can be of detriment to a paint job. Trying to paint a wet stucco surface will have spotty results.

Use the Right Tools

The proper tool depends on the type of stucco you have. Based on its exact composition and how it was applied, your stucco may be anywhere on the spectrum from smooth to rough. A roller with a large, 1″ nap, as well as more ample paint, will be needed if you have stucco on the rough end. It’s not recommended that you use a sprayer on stucco. It can leave lines or streaks behind. If you hire a painting contractor to paint your stucco walls, they’ll have access to the best tools for the job, depending on the texture of the surface. 

Also, try to use flat paint. Paint with a high-sheen finish looks less appealing on stucco due to its smooth texture and lack of detailing that brick or wood siding would have.

You may need a brush for smaller, tighter areas like the top of an archway. Make sure you use a thick brush that can hold large quantities of paint to prevent streaks and unsightly lines being left behind.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

If you have more questions or run into issues, don’t hesitate to contact a professional painter. Pros can easily handle painting a stucco house in Queen Creek and will probably give you superior results. Reach out to Life in Color Painting LLC for expertise in painting your stucco house.

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