Why Hire a Licensed Painting Contractor in Arizona

If you have plans to paint the exterior of your home, you’re probably also weighing your options from doing a DIY project yourself to hiring a painter to come in to do the job for you. There’s a reason why hiring a licensed painter is the smart way to go. Not only are you getting your property professionally painted, but you also receive reliable and quality services that may not come with lower bidding painting companies that aren’t licensed.

What Does Licensed Mean?

Most states will have some sort of law that requires paint contractors to carry a license as well as insurance. These are types of licenses that skilled laborers carry and if your painting contractor happens to do a variety of tasks, it’s more likely they will hold a general contractor’s license.

These licenses ensure that contractors have proper knowledge or materials, preparation, and safety when they’re on the job. In addition, bonds and insurance are also important to verify. Being bonded ties the painter to any losses incurred by the property owner if the case of a failed job and insurance protects you from any responsibility for potential damages or injuries on the job.

You can easily check for these by asking the paint contractor or even checking with the state’s licensing board. Taking the extra step in doing so can protect you from potential financial losses, receive quality work, and avoid scams.

Protect Your Wallet

The risks that come with hiring an unlicensed painter is that you may end up with out-of-pocket expenses that you didn’t anticipate. Painting is not a risk-free task especially when workers need to climb ladders, reach high up areas, and deal with a variety of solvents. Any injuries or accidents can get pushed onto you if the company isn’t insured.

Better Quality Paint Job

Hiring someone that is licensed is equivalent to hiring someone that is trained. This means that they meet the guidelines set forth by the state in order to perform the job. Those that are professionally trained have knowledge about the materials and the process and gives you peace of mind when it comes to getting a good paint job.

Avoiding Scams

Oftentimes, there are those in the industry that aren’t interested in helping you with a quality paint job but in it for the money. They advertise cheaper services and bombard you with unsolicited calls. In almost all cases, these companies are also unlicensed and uninsured. Doing a check beforehand can save you headaches down the line.

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