Why Quality Paint Is Important for House Exteriors

The exterior of your home takes a beating from the elements over the years, regardless of what materials are used to build your house. One of the best protections you can offer to your house is to regularly freshen the exterior paint to provide a layer of armor against the rain, wind, UV light, and biological growths that can cut short the life span of your home’s exterior. Exterior painting also carries the side benefit of improving the appearance of your home by infusing new colors and amplifying the curb appeal.

However, when hiring an exterior painting contractor in Mesa, AZ, it’s important to make sure the quality of the paint the contractor plans to use is high, even if that means paying a higher cost. It’s important to use high-quality exterior paint on your home because of the many benefits it can offer when compared to paints of lower quality. After all, you get what you pay for, and with high-quality paint you’ll get the benefit of long-term cost savings even when you pay more up front. Read on to learn why using quality paint on your home’s exterior is so important.

It Lasts Longer

Painting the exterior of your home is a labor-intensive process. Not only is there a tremendous amount of prep work that must be done before the brushes come out, but there are other tasks that must be completed before you can get started. For example, you’ll have to trim back all bushes and trees to provide plenty of workspace for painting and room for airflow as the paint dries. It makes sense to reduce the frequency of that labor by applying paint that will last for a longer period. You may get a few good years out of low-quality paint, but it will quickly begin to degrade and lose its luster. High-quality paint will last much longer, however, maintaining its vivid color and finish for an extended period. That means that not only will you save yourself labor in the long run, but you’ll also save money since you won’t have to paint as often.

You’ll Need Fewer Coats

Speaking of cost savings, higher-quality paint can also save you money in terms of the volume of paint required to adequately coat your exterior. With cheaper paints of low quality, you’ll need multiple coats to get good coverage, even when a base primer is used. However, when you use high-quality paint, you will see the number of coats required to cover your exterior cut in half. In fact, some exterior paints even guarantee full coverage with a mere two coats, which is something you won’t find with lower-quality paints.

Enhanced Durability

Aside from fading, exterior paints are subjected to other forces that can cause damage. All paints contain binders or resins which are partially responsible for their level of durability. In high-quality paints, only the best binders and resins are used. Those resins are responsible for helping the paint closely adhere to the painted surface, which can play a significant role in preventing paint damage including peeling, cracking, blistering, scuffing, fading, and chalking. It can also make high-quality paints more resistant to mold and mildew growth, which is especially important in exterior paints applied in damp climates.

If you’re planning a fresh coat of paint on your home’s exterior, make sure that you only use the best-quality paint available to ensure the best results. If you’re searching for exterior painters in Mesa, AZ, contact Life in Color Painting Services at (480) 229-7615.

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