Why Should You Consider Having Your Home Painted This Summer

Does your home exterior need a new coat? It’s easy to hire a local painting contractor in Tempe, AZ, to do the job, but before you do, a decision like this should be given due consideration. One thing to take into account is when to have it done. Here’s why outdoor painting jobs are best performed in the summer.

The Weather is Better

Summer days are warmer and more comfortable. Contractors will have a much easier time doing their job if they’re working on a bright morning instead of in the chilly, dreary one.

The days are also longer. There’s more sunlight, meaning there are more hours available to work. You can write up an efficient schedule with an exterior painting contractor that may not be possible in other seasons, reducing the overall time it takes to complete the project.

The Surface is Better Suited for Painting

Rain can also stop a project in its tracks, and there’s typically less of it in the summer than the spring. The temperature is more consistent. You won’t see as many fluctuations, so contractors will have an easier time planning their work.

There will be fewer chances of unexpected problems caused by humidity or moisture, decreasing drying times. Also, if the temperature is too low, the paint may not bind and end up cracking and peeling. When that happens, the contractors will have to re-do the entire thing, costing you more in labor and material expenses.

There are More Options Available

Some types of paint are better suited for the summer months. They work well in warm temperatures and are easier to use in dry conditions.

One example is oil-based options. They’re popular because of their durability and moisture resistance, as well as having a much smoother finish than other kinds. Water-based coats are a common choice, as well.

Whatever you choose, consult a painting company before finalizing your decision. They have experts who have spent years learning the best way to get the job done, so they’ll have useful advice for you. They’ll explain what options work best for your home, based on the climate in your area. Plus, they usually work directly with building wholesalers and get discounted materials, which will decrease your overall project costs.

That’s When It’s Most Needed

Autumn, winter, and spring can be rough on your exterior paint. The old coating will have to withstand the moisture from rain and humidity, the increasingly cold temperatures, and the dust and pollen from newly blooming flowers. Mold and mildew may even grow during this time.

By the time summer rolls around, the paint will have taken a lot of damage. It will have started to fade, crack, flake, and peel. Aside from the reduced curb appeal to your home, your exterior walls will be more exposed to the elements.

Summer is the best time to re-do the surface so you can stay ahead of the rainy autumn days. Don’t leave it too late, or you may experience issues with storms. Once the weather allows it, take advantage of the opportunity.

Some jobs are best done in specific seasons, and a new coat of paint on your home is one of them. Contact Life in Color Painting Services, a company that does exterior house painting in Tempe, and schedule a consultation.

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